With a professional and academic background spanning architectural and interior design, Stella has turned her love for textiles into her life. “I grew up in a an environment that gave me tactile access to fabrics and design so you could say that the love for good design runs in the family. As a young child I had access to interior design publications of that time and I remember being fascinated by the practice at that early age. My uncle was the biggest fine fabrics retailer in Limassol and imported all kinds of weaves, lace, taffeta and silks from Europe. My father was a jewelery maker-a craftsman in his own right with a very artistc touch. My mother had a great eye for colour coordination and always liked the process of matching fabrics and making clothes. In the 60s and 70s everyone went to a seamstrees to make their own clothes and so did I, so I developed a “sense” for good fabrics and how they looked made up. By the time I reached early adulthood, making the necessary distinctions between all categories of textiles had become second nature to me.” Following her studies in architectural design, she actively pursued jewelry design while experimenting with interior design. After 25 years of managing a fine fabrics bespoke business she has become an expert on most editors and their collections. She is now one of the owners of More Home and the go-to person to turn your house into a home.