From an early age Stephanie has been exposed to textile and interior design and as a teenager, has assisted her mother on several of her residential projects. She grew up in an essentially artistic environment and has developed a high aesthetic value and appreciation for arts and culture. Apart from developing a passion for design she is a keen writer and sketching artist. Following her studies in the UK, Stephanie worked as a journalist and stylist for several years while taking on PR and cultural Event projects. Three years ago, she took on her first full residential project at More Home successfully while assisting in many other projects and then continued her career in the fine fabrics industry in London working at the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour. She has worked for Wemyss fabrics as an associate and Social Media Manager as and now works as an associate for Brian Yates and Sheila Coombes, one of the most well established textile designers in the UK. She has always had a great passion for fine fabrics and design and is now further enhancing her knowledge of textile and interior design and implementing it on projects for More Home.